About Gary

Gary Thompson is both a skilled entrepreneur and sought-after business coach. His 20+ years of experience range from co-founding hugely successful businesses such as itlab.com and Found.co.uk, investing in various businesses both large and small, through to coaching and mentoring countless start-ups either one to one or with groups such as the ignite100 accelerator program.

Gary’s expertise is just one part of his coaching service. His approachable nature, willingness to share both his success stories and his failures, and his love of teaching, mean that Gary not only fast-tracks your business and helps you avoid those common pitfalls, but he motivates, inspires and encourages you on your way.

And like a high-performance athlete coach, it’s not all high-fives and back-slaps. Gary’s also here when the going gets tough – which it will – and his persistence and determination can help you focus yours.

Areas of expertise


Rapid growth hacks, automated marketing tools or content marketing plans.  Work out what channels you need to meet your targets

Team building

Recruiting the wrong people can kill early stage startups. Learn how to build and manage the dream team.

Lean thinking

Quickly build a Minimal Viable Product to work out what people really want.  “Build, Measure, Learn” is one of Gary’s favourite expressions.

Web development

How to structure, recruit and manage your development team.  Learn how to get products built on time


Make sure you are using the some of the amazing SaaS products to help you compete with the big guns at a fraction of the cost


Creating company strategy, business plans, and learning how to get in front of and impress investors. What to look out for on the term sheet.

Board seat

Gary has a wealth of experience, currently holding a position on three company boards

Getting started

You don’t need to quit your job or remortgage your house. What are the simple steps you can take to get your idea off the ground?

Customer support

How to deliver exceptional levels of support with minimal resources.  Automate where possible, over deliver when essential.


Gary has been working with Blu Sky for around 6 months and has already added significant focused value and assisted in changing the companies sales and marketing strategy. Providing strategic advice and support to the board, whilst acting as a mentor to a key team member, Gary quickly understood the key areas of strategic focus requiring development and has up held governance to keep board room focus on agreed key actions. This rigour combined with Gary’s practical / pragmatic approach to issues has enabled him to be regarded as a key contributor by the Blu Sky team to our companies 5 yr vision. Thanks Gary you are a legend.
Jon Dudgeon
Director, BluSky Chartered Accountants

After just one session, Gary had asked us the questions that meant we needed to look at our business from a different angle. After 3 sessions we had opened up a whole new business stream and have never looked back since….2017 being our best year in the last 7 years. Gary is easy going, motivating and probing in all of the right measures. 

Dave Glenn
CEO, Synergy Agency
Gary’s been a fantastic mentor. He continually demonstrates the ability to make quick and accurate judgments across a range of business situations, providing thought-provoking questions and invaluable insight. His vast front-line experience, coupled with infectious enthusiasm and a real hunger to help businesses succeed makes Gary the ideal partner if you’re looking to grow your business.
Mark Locker
Co-Founder, Attractions.io
Gary has assisted Razor with clarity of thought, vision, and direction. He continually challenges us to question how and why we do things and how we can achieve better results. 
Phil Jones
Founder and CEO, Razor Creations

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